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Julie Park: Containing the Self in Eighteenth-Century Pocket Diaries

June 14 @ 12:00 pm CDT

Sponsored by The Caxton Club

Julie Park on Containing the Self in Eighteenth-Century Pocket Diaries: Graphic Forms and Formats of Personal Information Storage

When/Where: 6/14/2024 12:00 PM CT/1:00 PM ET. Zoom presentation is free and open to all. Preregistration required via website. ULCC live attendance – Zoom presentation and optional lunch ($35) following. Reservations required by 12PM CT 6/12/24. Seating limit is 24.

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June Midday Program

“Oh no! Where’s my phone?”

For some people, gasping that out in concert with a frantic beating of pockets, rifling through bags, and swiveling of the head provides the sort of terrifying adrenaline rush a diver might experience upon seeing a shark barreling toward them. (And some would rather face the shark.)

What in the world did people carry and use to record important thoughts, dates, and other deeply personal information before we were blessed by the invention of smart phones?

Pocket diaries. Manuscript books in their purest form.

Join us in June as Julie Park introduces us to the world of eighteenth-century pocket diaries. Dr. Park will be joining us from the Pennsylvania State University where she serves as Paterno Family Librarian for Literature and Professor of English. Much published, she is the editor of the Penn State Series in the History of the Book at Penn State University Press and is the author of My Dark Room: Spaces of the Inner Self in Eighteenth-Century England (University of Chicago Press).

Think of all the contributions diaries have made to the presentation of history, from Pepys to Frank, from Woolf to Scott. Then update your diary to reflect your planned attendance at this — the final midday meeting of the Caxton Club’s 2023–2024 season!

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Zoom presentation is free and open to all.

Zoom begins at 12:00PM CT/1:00 PM ET. Preregistration required via website.

Register here: https://caxtonclub.org/event-5675385/Registration