Barbara Heritage on Charlotte Brontë’s “Shirley”

Sponsored by The Research Group on Manuscript  Evidence Saturday Feb 18, 12:00-1:30pm Eastern Time In this talk for the series "The Research Group Speaks," Barbara Heritage will consider the material […]

Book Collecting 101, Presented by David Gregor

Sponsored by The Book Club of Washington Sunday, February 26, 2 pm In Person and Online Register for this event on The Book Club of Washington’s website: David Gregor […]

Mark Samuels Lasner: Aubrey Beardsley, 150 Years Young

Sponsored by the Baltimore Bibliophiles On Tuesday, February 28 our speaker will be Baltimore Bibliophiles member Mark Samuels Lasner, who will present a talk on his collecting of Beardsley material […]

Before Baedeker: Travel Guidebooks to 1840

Sponsored by The Book Club of California 6:00 PM - 7:15PM Pacific In-person and virtual presentation 5:30 PM Pacific - Reception 6:00 PM Pacific - Program The late 19th century […]