Andrew Pettegree: The Book at War

The Caxton Club How would you answer if someone were to ask you to tell them about when German language books were being tossed into bonfires? Before you attend this […]

FABS Handpress Era Group

Sponsored by FABS The Handpress Era group meets for presentations and discussion of printed books and materials before 1800. This month features presentations by FABS Chair Jennifer Larson (a 16th […]

FABS 19th Century Group

Sponsored by FABS Join us for an hour of convivial discussion about all things 1800s and bibliophilic! Contact Jennifer at for a link. The 19th Century group meets the […]

FABS Living With Books Group

Sponsored by FABS A new FABS group on Living with Books will hold its first meeting this month. Hosted by The Private Library author Reid Byers, this group will meet […]