Language, Decipherment and Translation

Sponsored by The Grolier Club Join Curator Deirdre Lawrence for a pre-recorded tour of her Grolier Club exhibition "Language, Decipherment, and Translation," followed by a Live Q&A via Zoom. The exhibition is on view in our Second Floor Gallery through May 11, 2024. Register here:

Manuscript Mondays: “The Original Wikipedia: Siku Quanshu”

Sponsored by  The Manuscript Society “The Original Wikipedia:  18th Century Chinese Emperor Qianlong’s Siku Quanshu Project” Free, Live Webinar Monday, May 6, 2024 – 8:00 PM Eastern, 5:00PM Pacific (U.S. and Canada) Presenter: Susan Lahey, MA, ISA CAPP In 1772, Emperor Qianlong of China, a prolific poet, major art patron, and insatiable collector, ordered the largest encyclopedic compilation of […]

Aaron Pratt on Shakespeare and Spencer, Secondhand

Sponsored by The Caxton Club May Midday Program You probably misheard it over the radio. Barbra Streisand wasn’t singing about “Secondhand Rose” … she was belting out “Secondhand Prose.” Just think about some of the most precious volumes in your collection. The ones that you didn’t purchase fresh off the press, but found in a […]